Here's just a small sampling of our satisfied clients


I had the pleasure of meeting Ryan a few years ago and worked with him until October 2013 while I was the VP/Agency Recruiter and led the recruiting practice across the Mullen network. He reached out, totally cold, and asked for a shot to work on our open positions. At the time, we averaged 60 opens reqs per month across five offices, so we were contacted often by recruiters with service offerings. What made Ryan stand out was how artful and studied he was in his approach. He had done his "homework" before approaching Mullen and didn't try to be all things at one time (a common shortfall with 3rd-party recruiters). 

We gave Ryan a few of our more challenged searches to work on that were in geographic regions that don't necessarily appeal to some advertising executives. Ryan immediately scored and did a series of rapid placements with us. In a very short time, he became our top recruiting partner across all offices and was the immediate go-to person when a new search arose. He took the time to understand the agency and each office's individual cultural aspects. He was also the type of partner that you were comfortable connecting with hiring managers because he understood the ground rules. His tactics are never pushy or unwanted and he always respects the agency's or hiring manager's decision even if the outcome was not beneficial to him or his candidate. He also presents every candidate with a concise recap of bullet points, which is very helpful when reviewing scores of candidates each week.  This extra step was reflective of the time and care he takes when packaging candidates for review.

Ryan is one of a handful of highly-skilled recruiting partners that I would recommend to other agencies without reservation. He's also easy to work with, diligent, friendly, and has an accessible manner about him that is never abrasive or pushy. He is a person of integrity and character and also someone you'd be lucky to have as a friend.

John White

Over the past few years there has not bee a single person more critical to my success than Ryan Gunn. As a candidate and seeker, Ryan has been instrumental in helping me grow my career and practice. As a candidate, Ryan was able to find the elusive needle-in-a-haystack company I had always hoped existed, but could never find. His professionalism and drive were critical to making my transition to the West Coast possible.

Since the very beginning, I knew working with Ryan was a smart decision. Now, as a product design leader building a new breed of design team in the ever changing world of technology, Ryan has become my sole source for bringing people into our family. His understanding of what we do and how we work has saved us countless hours and misfires in developing our capabilities. Without Ryan, we would not have been able to grow as quickly while retaining our culture and quality.

Ryan Harasyn

I first met Ryan several years ago when he approached me as a candidate for a role. It wasn't one I was able to pursue, but that interaction was very professional and respectful, and I could tell he took the time to really read my profile as well as consider the needs of the hiring organization. When I later had a chance to work with Ryan in my capacity as UX department lead at Mullen, I had total confidence that he would demonstrate the same professionalism when reaching out to candidates on our behalf. Your ability to hire and retain a candidate reflects the sum of all that candidate's interactions with your company, and it's important to start out right.

Ryan helped me find numerous qualified candidates from around the country for several difficult UX role searches on two coasts. When I left Mullen in order to start a team at Almighty, Ryan was top of mind to help me with that, and he found me several top-notch candidates quickly. Ryan does a great job pre-screening candidates for soft skills as well as hard skills, and then he provides a manager summaries for each person that are concise and packed with crucial information. He also really listens to feedback about candidates and develops a solid sense of a hiring manager's preferred attributes for a role. If I mention a particular name, chances are he already knows that person and his or her work. He's dialed in wherever you need him to be.

Ryan possesses saintly patience even in the face of occasionally inconsistent agency needs and is clearly someone who lives his values and enjoys what he does. He takes each search seriously and always follows up on loose ends meticulously. He's a great partner for candidates and hiring managers alike. I am always happy to share his name with anyone who is in need of great talent.

Helen Keighron


Ryan is been a great go-to resource for me for 5 years, particularly in the digital production and project management space.  He is well-connected, quick, smart, fair, unflappable, transparent – everything you’d want in a recruiting partner.  And most importantly, he always wants to do the right thing, operating with utter integrity in every situation.  He’s the full package.

Marty Ritter

I've worked with recruiters that feel more like Vegas blackjack dealers than business partners. Ryan is is a trusted business partner who understands the changing ad industry needs that helps position him to reach qualified talent before anyone else. This results in a selection of talent that hits the mark the first time. Ryan is the fist person I reach out to when I need skilled, experienced resources to join my group. 

Steven Callahan